Actively supporting the economic well-being of Lyme Regis

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LRBG was formed in July 2013 with a view to actively supporting the economic well-being of our lovely town.

The Group comprises of representatives from all sections of the town’s business community – from retailers, restaurant owners and accommodation providers to the many trades people and service providers on whom we all rely to keep the wheels of industry turning. We are committed to safeguarding a strong and vibrant economic future for Lyme Regis that fully supports our resident population and seasonal visitors.

We hope that you will decide to be a part of this enthusiastic and dynamic Group.

Our Aims are:
• To increase visitor numbers throughout the year (not just during the peak holiday season), and
• To encourage the local population to continue supporting local businesses

Our Plan is:
• To help support a year long series of annual events
• To improve signage and car parking facilities throughout the town
• To promote the town to potential visitors via a regular e-newsletter, social media and PR
• To promote the town to local residents through a relevant “Support Your Local Business” campaign
• To maximise the opportunities created by PR and social media

In our  first year we have:
• Been busy lobbying against – Broad Street parking meters/Cobb Rd restrictions/”motorway lamps”
• Introduced LRBG Champions – Bee, John, Ali & Tony
• Produced the Visitors Guide (town map) – Printed 50,000 for 2014.
• Produced Quarterly What’s On posters
• Held Business Exchange meetings – 3 this year on social media/twitter/ wicked issues
• Introduced a new LRBG web site –
• Been involved with the creation of the web site.
• Introduced an electronic “Love Lyme” publication to encourage visitors to Lyme
• Helped create the Yuletide Lyme experience & painted windows
• Supported the Lyme Magazine & Lyme Experience publications
• Supported many of the Town wide events
• Promoted the Lyme Regis Walking Festival

Why are we doing this?
We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful and lively town, but unfortunately, like all communities, we have to recognize that these are also diffcult times, and many of our businesses are faced with economic challenges that could potentially threaten their existence without the continued vitality of the local trading environment;higher costs in relation to rent, rates, staff , materials and general expenses are difficult to manage unless it is possible to generate greater income.

In order to encourage as many businesses as possible to join the LRBG, we are determined to keep membership fees as low as possible.A membership fee is necessary to help us build up a cash fund to contribute towards the various skills and services we need to help us deliver our objectives as laid out above. Many LRBG members have access to some of the design, print, production, pr and marketing skills we need and are both generous and tireless in donating their time and efforts to the cause, but in order to achieve our objectives in a professional and effective manner,there is no doubt that we will need to pay for some services.

The annual membership fee for 2014 / 15 is £45. This will include the next re-print of the Visitors Guide for those members that paid to be on the current version.